Flu Mist Is No Longer Recommended

Flu Mist is no longer recommended as prevention against influenza infection.

As many of you have heard, the doctors at TCN decided earlier this year to abandon Flu Mist (nasal flu vaccine) due to concerns over its effectiveness. Today, the CDC confirmed our concerns and withdrew its recommendation to use Flu Mist. They instead encouraged use of injectable flu vaccine. It should be emphasized that this action was not due to any safety concerns about the vaccine, but rather it was based on poor performance in its prevention of the flu over the past few flu seasons.

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t enjoy giving shots ( and I personally don’t like getting them either). However, we strongly encourage all our patients to roll up their sleeves this fall and join us in preventing flu by getting vaccinated. Influenza kills over 3,000 people every year and should not be underestimated. Flu can be especially dangerous in patients with asthma or chronic illnesses. It is also much better to prevent flu and its complications by vaccination than to try to treat it with antiviral medicine once infected. The doctors at TCCN remain conservative in the use of medications such as Tamiflu, mainly due to the limited effectiveness and the potential for side effects.

Fortunately, we have ordered more injectable flu vaccine for the upcoming season and with the recommendations released today, we will likely work to secure more doses for this season. To read the press release from the American Academy of Pediatrics, click here.